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Hello Love! I am Wendy. I AM Love and so are You! Are you listening to your "heart speak"? It would be my honor and privilege to work together to more fully illuminate your life and soul path.

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Your heart is your compass in Divine Connection to Spirit through your Higher Self, constantly inspiring you to create the life of your dreams unique to you! Your life is the journey. And as your life and soul path counselor, I would be delighted to assist through the one-on-one sessions I offer or private consultations.

I am the co-founder of the Anam Cara Foundation. I am a teacher, intuitive healer, life and soul path counselor, and fabric artist with a passionate desire to inspire all those searching for an authentic life; a life of peace and joy. These choices come from the heart as we learn to follow and express our creative dreams. As a certified practitioner in several healing modalities, including Past Life Soul Regression, Life Between Lives Soul Regression, Akashic Records, and Reiki, I offer an integrated approach to my healing sessions. I also enjoy creating art to inspire the soul through my Soul Portraits.

I feel my spiritual journey began in this life at the age of 12 with my discovery of the well known medium and healer, Edgar Cayce. In my 20’s, I was introduced to A Course in Miracles and a whole new perspective opened to me. Through a lifelong study of Ageless Wisdom teachings and energetic healing modalities, I aspire to be a clear channel for Universal Life Force Energy as it heals, balances, and lovingly guides us on our life path.

On the more traditional side, I received a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University as well as a Bachelor, Masters, and Doctor of Divinity degree from the Universal Brotherhood University. I am also an ordained minister in the Universal Brotherhood Movement.

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