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The healing benefits that can result from a Past Life session may include insight into issues of concern. Some of these issues may include:

  • fear of death

  • grief

  • challenging relationship patterns

  • health issues

  • abundance issues 

  • giving or receiving love

  • and many more​


Your soul has a trajectory or path that you created prior to birth. Its purpose is always growth, awakening, and enlightenment. Multiple lifetimes offer your soul repeated opportunities to expand in consciousness through life experience. Living in a body offers an accelerated opportunity for this growth as well as karmic healing and balancing through your relationships along the way.

In a Past Life session your guides will bring forward memories of a life, or sometimes a series of lives, to highlight specific events that bring insight and connection to your current life. These memories allow you to re-experience the event as if it was occurring in the present. With the assistance of your guides, you have the opportunity to understand from your soul’s perspective the purpose of the experience. With this new understanding, or wider perspective, the old past life memory can be healed and released. Releasing the old memories shifts and changes your soul’s vibration in the current life. It is important to remember that whatever is brought forward from a Past Life will provide an opportunity to learn and heal the present life in some way.


I would be honored to work together with your guides as a facilitator for any information they wish to bring to you in this life for your benefit in the NOW. Please contact me to discuss any questions you may have and to schedule a session.


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(2 hours) $225

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