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Once you have experienced a Past Life Soul Regression, you may wish to experience the longer Life Between Lives Soul Regression session. There are some additional benefits to having the longer, Life Between Lives Soul Regression session. 

First, there is more time to explore even more deeply issues of concern, to explore past lives, and to explore the expanded awareness of your “Life Between Lives” or time when you are not incarnate in a physical body, but exist as pure soul consciousness.

Your soul has a trajectory or path that you created prior to birth. Its purpose is always growth, awakening, and enlightenment. Multiple lifetimes offer your soul repeated opportunities to expand in consciousness through life experience. Living in a body offers an accelerated opportunity for this growth as well as karmic healing and balancing through your relationships along the way.

There is a past life portion in a Life Between Lives Soul Regression session as well, where your guides may bring forward memories of a life, or sometimes a series of lives, to highlight specific events that bring insight and will pertain in some way to your current life. These memories allow you to re-experience the event as if it was occurring in the present. With the assistance of your guides, you have the opportunity to understand from your soul’s perspective the purpose of the experience. With this new understanding, or wider perspective, the old past life memory can be healed and released. Releasing the old memories shifts and changes your soul’s vibration in the current life. It is important to remember that whatever is brought forward from one or more past lives will provide an opportunity to learn and heal the present life in some way.

Additionally, in the longer Life Between Lives Session, past lives are also explored, after which you are guided to a time prior to your birth where your soul exists in the expanded awareness of the spiritual realms or spirit space. It is in this space that you may have an experience of meeting your Council of Elders” who assist in planning each of your life incarnations, offering wise and loving support without judgment to assist in the current life. It is also possible to experience meeting members of your soul family, including the energy of loved ones who have passed on. It is extremely beneficial to understand that all of us are “souls having a spiritual experience in a physical body”, and that our total consciousness encompasses far more than the physical experience or world. The Life Between Lives Soul Regressionsession offers you the opportunity to more fully experience this expanded awareness and to interact you’re your spirit/soul family in the spiritual realms.

I would be honored to work together with your guides as a facilitator for any information they wish to bring to you in this life for your benefit in the NOW. Please contact me to discuss any questions you may have and to schedule a session.


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(3 to 4 hours) $300

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