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Purple Glow


In these sessions, with your permission, I open your Records to access information transmitted from your “Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones," in response to your questions. Working with your Records allows you to access your Divine Guidance and a Higher Perspective to assist with all of your life choices. It is important to remember that although the Records may illuminate opportunities for you, you still have the free will to choose as you wish.


(90 minute session) $125

I discovered the Akashic Records when reading about Edgar Cayce when I was 12. This changed my life as I immediately knew I wanted to help people as Cayce did; I wanted to be a bridge or channel to communicate with Spirit for the purpose of bringing clarity to those who wished to have a deeper connection with this Living Library. The guidance can be life changing and is always offered for your “best and highest good” and spiritual growth.

Several years ago I received a beautiful message through one of my wonderful Akashic teachers, Rev Sandra L Gelinas.


Through Sandra my Records told me:

“You came into this world with enough Light to find your way out of the dark,

enough strength to conquer any battle, enough kindness to save a soul,

enough love to shift a planet…

Now why do you still worry?

You are equipped with all you could ever need.

Look within. You are drenched in Magic. You are Luminous.”


I am sharing to give you an example of an Akashic message. What is your soul urging you to create in your life now? What messages might await you?

I would love to be a channel to receive a message transmitted to you from your Akashic Records. In a session you would present questions that you have prepared which you wish to ask; they can be general or specific.


Currently these sessions can be done by phone or through Zoom.


(90 minute session) $125

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