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  • What is "Past Life Soul Regression" (PLSR)?"
    In a Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) you are guided into a light hypnotic trance (or deep relaxation) in which you are always aware and led into a life or series of lives that have relevance to your current life in a healing or therapeutic way. The information coming forward is always under the direction of your guides and teachers for your benefit. The regression therapist is the facilitator asking questions, but you actually "see" or "feel" your own experience, as it comes to and through you.
  • What is a “Life Between Lives Soul Regression” (BLSR)?
    While there are often overlaps in the types of information that come through in a BLSR (as compared to a PLSR) we have more time to explore as these sessions are 3 to 4 hours long. It is generally recommended to have at least one Past Life session prior to a BLSR. In a BLSR you may experience: One or more “past lives” prior to expansion into what I call “soul space” where you are still “anchored” in the physical body, and simultaneously aware of your multidimensionality – beyond the physical – where time and space seem to dissolve Communicating with your Guides and Soul/Spirit Family Healing messages from your Council of Elders to assist you in your life now
  • What are the benefits of a PLSR or BLSR session?
    With both types of sessions you have the opportunity to access cellular memories and to reframe your emotions/memories with new insights enabling healing and balance in your life now. There are tremendous healing benefits that can come as a result of having a PLSR or BLSR session. The regression therapist acts as a facilitator to move the session along whatever course your guides have chosen for you. The healing occurs through an expanded understanding and knowledge of issues of concern for the person experiencing either of these soul regression sessions. These issues might include: • Fear of death • Grief • Relationship patterns • Physical & health issues • Abundance issues • Chronic challenges • A spiritual perspective • Spiritual Guides and Teachers Additionally, in a BLSR individuals often have a “feeling experience” of being in the expanded awareness of “soul space” with life changing messages from their Guides, Council of Elders, and/or loved ones who have passed over.
  • How long does a session last?
    Typically a PLSR session lasts about 2 hours. A typical BLSR session will last from 3-4 hours. In both types, the individual experiencing the session will be sitting or lying comfortably. You will be able to take a break if necessary for any reason without interrupting the flow of the session.
  • What can I expect from an Integrated Intuitive Reiki Session?
    Energetic healing [Universal Life Force Energy] to align, balance, and heal issues of self love & acceptance among others A soothing & nurturing space to receive the healing energy Intuitive impressions, information, and guidance Valuable insight to help clear confusion & clarify your life purpose
  • What are the benefits of an “Akashic Records” session? Why are the Akashic Records sometimes referred to as the “Living Library”?
    The “Akashic Records” are a vibrational, living library of Light. And Light is information. These records are part of the “akasha” (Sanskrit) or aether; they are not physical in nature. The Records are available to all of us and contain all of our thoughts, feelings, and experiences for lives past, present, and future. They are multidimensional and organic. They are ever changing as we continue to live our lives, the Records change. They are often referred to as the “Living Library” as each one of us has our own vibrational Record or “Book” of the sum total of our lives in this energetic library. The benefits of accessing your Akashic Records include: Access to the wise counsel of your Akashic Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones (although you always retain your free will to choose as you wish) Insight and answers to your personal questions Healing and balance for all parts of your Being Accessing past life memories which may pertain to your current life
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