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Image by Krystal Ng


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My 90 minute Integrated Intuitive Reiki sessions include both the Reiki energy as well as any intuitive information that may come through for you as we are working together. In all sessions I am working with my guides and your guides as a team, always for your “best and highest good”. This prayer opens the way holding sacred space for whatever additional information your guides may wish to share with you as the Reiki universal life force energy is being transmitted through me to you. These are unique sessions and I am happy to record the spoken portion for you if you wish. Currently, due to Covid, these sessions are only offered as distance sessions.


(90 minute session) $125


Dr. Usui taught these 5 ways of being (perceptions of life) he felt when practiced together were an invitation to happiness, health & wellness.

Just for today, do not anger

Just for today, do not worry

Just for today, count your blessings

Just for today, do your work honestly

Just for today, be kind to all things that have life.


To me, this is such a beautiful prayer that teaches us to be truly present, loving, and kind.

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