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An Invitation for Loving Kindness

We are eternal...we are Beings of Love and Light. We might ask ourselves "who are we choosing to be in each moment of NOW?" We always have a choice! We can act from fear or love.

For many it is truly a matter of survival and this makes it difficult to feel more deeply than hunger or the need for safe shelter. By all means, take care of yourself.

And treat All with Loving Kindness; if not now....when? We have no idea how far a smile or a random act of kindness may travel as this warm and loving vibration radiates out into the world.

A powerful portal for the Divine Feminine opened in late January 2020. Did you feel it? There was a softening....and invitation to feel more deeply and to open to our Earth Mother's Gaia, who holds us all in her womb, sustaining us daily. And as we are sustained by Gaia, to reach out and care for each other.

I believe we are being given the opportunity to step out in service to Love as we are able and feel called. This is healing for ALL. We truly are a Unity of One. Consciousness is constantly shifting and evolving. "Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi said. Be the Light, be the Love, be yourself and others. This is our eternal invitation for communion with the Divine.

From my heart to yours, Love and Blessings to All


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