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"Faith, Trust and Bowing to the Unfolding Mystery"

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

As I embark on the next chapter of the great adventure that is my life…I recognize the feeling of excitement and anticipation that fills my heart and soul! If I were to ascribe a theme to my life now it would be titled “Faith, Trust, and Bowing to the Unfolding Mystery of What Is”.

New beginnings surround me. Today I am launching my new website and am so happy to have this new platform through “Soul Speak”, my Blog, to occasionally write about and share the musings of my heart with you.

Fortunately I was born with an abundance of curiosity and greet each day as a new opportunity for learning and growth in some way. It is my prayer that in some way each day I am able to be of service as part of my creative expression. And that is part of the “unfolding mystery” and the JOY that I feel when Spirit speaks through me….

I am surrounded by LOVE on both sides of the veil for which I am eternally grateful! And I am constantly inspired by you, the amazing people that I meet. Thank you for being you! Each and every one of you is a gift and your life matters! Together we create Oneness and Unity.

And so in awe, I bow to the “unfolding mystery” with Faith and Trust, and invite you to join me as you create your own great adventure!

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